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Dr. Antia-Finseth Award (2006)

Dr. B.B. Joshi from Mumbai was the recipient of Dr. Antia-Finseth award (2006) for his
innovation Joshi's E External S Stabilization S System ((JESS). Development of this mini external fixator system in its present form is the result of his12 years of research work. The concept and philosophy of the system is to present a device that can be used by a surgeon where minimum facilities are available. The system consists of K-wires, clamps with link joints, hinge joints, distraction units, connecting rods and some accessories.
The JESS as it is popularly called can be used for:
1. Management of open fractures
2. Skeletal stabilization
3. Congenital deformities of hand and foot
4 Post burn contracture
5. Management of sequelae to trauma
6. Lengthening procedures,
7. Distraction procedures.
Dr. Joshi has a reputation for developing useful gadgets with commonly available material. In the past he had shown multiple uses of common Ice cream sticks in the management of finger fractures.
Since Dr. Joshi was unable to attend the award ceremony, his daughter received the award on his behalf. Dr. Swaran Arora, renounced plastic and reconstructive surgeon, presented Dr. Joshi's work.