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Annual Conference

ARSI has been organizing annual conferences in different parts of India. Important personalities are invited to encourage practicing rural surgeons and to motivate the new surgeons to go to the peripheral places to offer their services. It is a meeting where members present their own work. Newer useful technologies are discussed to update the knowledge of its members. It is also a platform to discuss the problems of rural surgery.

Annual conferences offer opportunities to the members to relax and enjoy the local culture.


Workshops can help rural surgeons learn simple procedures from allied branches, which will widen their field of surgical care. ARSI encourages organization of such workshops. It also offers some subsidy towards the workshop. Plastic surgery camps in Jhargram helped some surgeons to learn the repair of cleft lip. Paediatric surgery workshop in Dondaicha was for the benefit of surgeons in that area.

Shimoga- Jhargram Scholarship

ARSI encourages the members to learn newer technologies like ultra-sonology, endoscopies etc. that are found to be useful in rural practice. Any young member of ARSI who wishes to go away and learn such a technology, or anything that will be useful in rural practice, is offered this scholarship.

Antia-Finseth Innovation Award

Innovations and innovative ideas help to simplify and indianise health care and such simplification often reduces the cost of the services. Many innovations are the brain-children of ordinary people who may even be illiterate. Hence to recognize and encourage such people, a cash award of Rs. 10,000 is offered to any body, medical or non-medical person, whose innovation or an innovative idea is useful in rural health care. Since launching this award four years ago, Dr. D. M. Ghaisas from Ahmednagar, was the recipient of A.F.I. Award 2001, for his indigenous electrical and manually operated “Newmon Ventilator”, and A.F.I. Award – 2003, was given to Dr. P.S. Vaidya of Aurangabad for his novel chair for Sitz bath. Dr. B.B. Joshi from Mumbai was the recipient of Dr. Antia-Finseth award (2006) for his innovation Joshi's External Stabilization System (JESS) used for open fractures, skeletal stabilization, Lengthening procedures etc.(Dr. Sukumar Maiti and Mr. Nabendu Bikash Maiti is the Jt. Recipient of Dr. Anti -Finseth award 2007 for their innovation of the instrument a 'new spreader for Ramstedt's Pyloromyotomy'. (For more detail see information column)

“Rural Surgery” is a quarterly bulletin of ARSI. Besides useful information for the benefit of members and also the association news and international news, the bulletin also publishes interesting case reports, articles relevant to rural surgery, report of clinical studies etc. It also has a section devoted to the International Federation of Rural Surgery. The bulletin is circulated amongst the members of ARSI and to the Signatories of IFRS from Germany, Holland, USA, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania etc.

Training for rural surgeons

Since medical colleges do not give training in aspects of surgery required in rural practice ARSI has been trying to provide it. First it joined hands with Indira Gandhi National Open University introduced Certificate in Rural Surgery (CRS). Now National Board of Examinations has responded too and it is going to introduce Diplomate of National Board (DNB) in rural surgery, a post graduate course from January 2007. These candidates will be trained in rural hospitals to be able to face the constraints of rural surgery. For this a detail curriculum has been chalked out. Operational plan, accreditation and recognition of hospitals to conduct this course has been completed.

Fellowship of ARSI

ARSI is happy to give due recognition to dedicated rural surgeons and those who qualify as trained rural surgeons, with Fellowship of ARSI.

International Federation of Rural Surgeons

It has come to light that almost all countries have sections of populations that are denied the basic health care. Even USA has rural surgeons! To bring rural surgeons from all or as many as possible countries under one body, ARSI and German Society for Tropical Surgery introduced the concept of formation of International Federation of Rural Surgery. IFRS has been formally launched on 25th September 2005 in Ujjain, India. Signatories include surgeons from Germany, Holland, USA, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and India.

Recognition is an important way of confirming a person’s devotion to a philosophy. ARSI is offering Fellowship of the Association of Rural Surgeons of India as a recognition to such committed rural surgeons.

It is the fond hope of ARSI that in due course of time there will be available a generation or rural surgeons all over the country, who are rural-patient-friendly and who can offer safe and appropriate surgical care near to the homes of rural population of India. ARSI invites every rural surgeon to become a member and help it reach this goal and to strengthen the association.